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Mum, dad and kid on a sofa.

End of life planning: how it can help a young family

End of life planning isn’t a priority for many young couples but the truth is, it should be as much of a priority for them as it is for their parents.

How to have end-of-life-conversations.

Three ways to have better end of life conversations

Wanting to have full control over your own decisions is part of the human condition. While you, no doubt, consider this to be your fundamental right as long as you’re living, you may not have paused to consider that you’re equally entitled to have some control over decisions that are made when you die.

Pre-planning funeral preferences eases the loss on those you leave behind

Preplanning your funeral: 5 excellent reasons to do it

We get it. Nobody wants to think about death, but, frankly, there’s no escaping it. Dying is inevitable and, here, we share five great reasons to plan ahead for it.


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